We are committed to upholding the ethics of the counseling profession which demand strict confidentiality, as required by Federal HIPAA and Indiana law. The information you reveal will not be discussed by the therapist with anyone, except with CCATC staff or a consulting/supervising psychologist, without a signed Authorization form from you. If information is requested from your therapist by a third party, e.g. family members, schools, or other mental health professionals, it would be helpful if you would discuss this with your therapist as soon as possible. If at any point the therapist believes it would be useful to confer with other professionals, you will be asked to grant permission and to sign an Authorization form.

The release of confidential materials may be legally required of your therapist in the following situations: 1) Potential harm to you (suicide) or others (homicide); 2) Suspected child or elder abuse or neglect; and 3) Instances where the court or government subpoena records.